History of the Avon / Towne Cinema

Folklore has it Elvis Presley took the stage at the Towne Cinema in 1956 when it was the Avon Theatre. It is said that he played at the Paramount Theatre and then the Fox Theatre and was on his way to Shreveport where he would eventually sign a contract with Col. Tom Parker …well you know the rest of the story… Elvis on stage at the fairgrounds in his Gold Lam’e Jacket . Elvis was discovered and his light shined for many years to come. Then stories have it THE KING of ROCK N ROLL rehearsed for a concert at the Towne Cinema in 1971 while touring on the road. Pretty cool to think that Elvis Tour Bus was parked here at the Cinema. People say he visited the Childrens Home here when he took a break. While at the Children’s Home Elvis invited everyone to the Cinema to listen to his rehearsal.

These are the repeated Folklore’s I have heard for the 3 years we have been bringing the Avon Theatre / Towne Cinema back to life.

If you have any History or Folklore of the Avon Theatre / Towne Cinema in Avondale Estates Georgia please share . Thank you for letting me be part of such an exciting journey. More to Come…



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